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An investigative agency, based in the Canton of Ticino, that operates in Switzerland
and internationally, specialized in investigations and corporate security.

Confidential was born from the union of professionals in the sector, united by the same passion. The partners have collaborated for many years with many Swiss and Italian investigative institutes, acquiring, moreover, their complete trust. These essential experiences have allowed them to learn and improve their mission, fueling not only the technical aspect, but also professionalism and seriousness.

Their complicity and determination pushed them to realize a dynamic and young reality, oriented towards establishing a relationship of trust and customer care.

The different backgrounds, deriving from the military and investigative world promote an eclectic vision, but based on the same values of respect and attention to work.

The investigative inquiries that Confidential develop are aimed at individuals, companies, and law firms, and allow to obtain irrefutable evidence to be asserted in court: at the end of the investigation a detailed report will be delivered, joined by photographic material, usable in judicial seat.

Confidential always operates with the utmost transparency and in an ethically correct manner: discretion is the basis of their activity, the obligation of professional secrecy in the management of information is rigorous.

Contact us and receive, without obligation, free investigative advice tailored to your needs.


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Private Investigations

· Pre-marital and marital infidelity
· Maintenance allowance
· Child custody and supervision
· Reliability for caregivers, maids and babysitters
· Stalking and anti-harassment investigations
· Search for missing and untraceable persons in Switzerland and abroad

Business Investigations

· Unfair competition and unfaithful members
· Absenteeism, illness, and accident control for insurance
· Pre-employment investigations
· Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting
· Investigations on theft and shortages
· Counter surveillance

Commercial Investigations

· Collection of information on people and companies

Corporate Security

  • Risk analysis is the process of identifying and analyzing potential problems that could have a negative impact on company projects. The objective of the investigation is to verify that the security measures in use are appropriate and to prepare any further measures that determine the protection of the company’s resources. Risks derive from various sources, such as, for example, market uncertainty or threats of failures of one's own projects: strategies to manage such intimidation are aimed at reducing the negative effect or the probability of the threat itself through hazard configuration and risk estimation. Protect your business and request advice.

  • The information security is an increasingly important factor for companies and public bodies, which must necessarily interfere on the protection aspect, until date. Confidential can guarantee safety for your company by means of environmental and electronic remediation: through suitable and innovative equipment it is possible to detect bugs, bedbugs, hidden cameras, even if these devices are turned off.

  • Confidential employs consultants who work alongside organizations and companies in the management of data protection and IT security, through a wide range of products and services capable of solving any need. These are the main services offered:

    · Technological security and creation of access tracking systems.
    · Data protection and system backup and recovery.
    · Analysis of IT systems with improvement plan.
    · Check the accesses of a user to the computer system in a specific time slot.
    · Check if an electronic document has been deleted.
    · Check when an electronic document has been created, edited, and printed.
    · Encrypting making your data secret and securely deleting the information to make it unrecoverable.
    · Protection of your privacy while browsing the internet.

  • Using a specific division that works with digital investigations, Confidential performs computer forensic services, computer appraisals and data recovery from computers and mobile phones.

    We intervene in a short time on any device and system, analyzing the computer documentation and the digital finds detected, identifying legally valid and reproducible evidence in court. Following are the main services offered by Confidential:

    · Duplicate a storage medium in compliance with the original, through a digital forensic copy.
    · Duplicate a website in compliance with the original, through a digital forensic copy.
    · Check if the computer or mobile phone has been modified to spy on conversations and communications.
    · Check if it is possible to recover deleted messages from the mobile phone.
    · Check your computer or phone for viruses.
    · Check content and contacts on a social network.
    · Check if a photographic image, video, or audio recording has been modified.

Close Protection

Confidential's specialized staff guarantees security and close protection services for highly renowned people who need a veiled and discreet protection service.

The goal of the protection service is to provide complete protection to the person, by planning a precise and least invasive program that fully respects the privacy and private life of the customer.

Close Protection services are expressed in three types, which separately embrace multiple areas of private life:

Executive Protection

Executive protection (EP) known as strict protection, refers to the security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of the client who may be exposed to a high personal risk due to their employment, high profile status, net worth, affiliation, or geographic location.

Residential Security

Property protection protects the customer and their property from invasion of privacy and other crimes and threats. Our services include:

· 24-hour monitoring and surveillance
· Key holding service
· Quick response service
· Permanent patrol security team
· Discreet or obvious security levels
· CCTV monitoring

Travel Security Management

Travel abroad can expose staff to dangers that are sometimes underestimated. Our professionals can give full support to corporate travel planning. Thanks to threat monitoring and logistical support in case of travel, workers will be able to travel safely, avoiding dangerous situations and critical areas.


You can contact us for any information through the online procedure available in this section of the site.

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