Reliability of care-givers, domestic helps and baby-sitters

Dependence on home-assistance workers

Investigations are aimed at verifying and ascertaining the reliability of domestic helps such as caregivers, helpers and baby sitters who, although external to the family nucleus, actually come into daily contact with the assets that make up the family's patrimony (movable and immovable property) and especially with their members (adult and/or minor children, relatives and parents).

These professionals are assigned with very delicate responsibilities and tasks.

With regard to care-givers, for example, it must be emphasised, in addition to the aspect of caring for and assisting a disabled or elderly relative, that the importance of their tasks also takes on a social relevance and connotation. Living in close contact with the elderly, within the family home, it might be useful and appropriate to understand how this professional behaves with the parties entrusted to him/her. Unfortunately, it happens that these staff members, in the course of their duties, commit unlawful acts (theft of objects and precious metals, embezzlement of money, disappearance of paintings and other objects of economic value).

The same can also be applied to baby-sitters, who are invested with an equally important function: that of supervising minor children in the absence of their parents. The protection of minors is an inescapable right and duty of parents, who, if they are involved, can make enquiries in this regard, by availing themselves of a professional detective.

Last but not least, domestic helpers also have to deal with the movable and immovable assets of a family on a daily basis while carrying out their domestic work. Such domestic helpers can also be monitored, not for how they perform their work, but rather to prevent them from committing crimes such as embezzlement, misappropriation, etc.

All the cases described above aim to ensure that the work of these professionals is performed correctly and appropriately. In this respect, Confidential performs dedicated investigations to achieve the goals.


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