Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting

Intellectual property and fraudulent imitation

Trademark protection and anti-counterfeiting investigations are aimed at safeguarding the brand and image of client companies in the market, which may be harmed and damaged by the counterfeiting of their products, which are marketed, distributed and sold in certain geographical areas.

It is clear that the company's reputation would be severely compromised by such actions because it would create the idea in consumers that the products purchased are flawed, of poor quality or have conspicuous defects and/or aesthetic imperfections. Not to mention the functionality aspect of counterfeit products, which is totally overlooked in the process of imitating them.

Counterfeiting of trademarks and products is a crime and as such should be prosecuted by the relevant authorities, who punish anyone that markets and/or sells products on the market that have counterfeit names, trademarks or distinctive signs because, without a doubt, such conduct creates considerable damage to businesses.

An investigation agency, along the lines of the aforementioned authorities, fits into this context by helping to safeguard the image of companies, their investments and, indirectly, all consumers.

The faithful imitation of a company's products pursues the purpose of creating confusion on the market scene, causing damage not only to the company directly involved but also and above all to all those customers who come into contact with these products, believing that they are receiving correct and honest information about their intrinsic quality.

Having recourse to an investigation company specialised in trademark protection and anti-counterfeiting investigations therefore allows companies to safeguard themselves by obtaining indispensable evidence that can be used in court to establish the falsification and subsequent marketing of the products concerned. The evidence will be essential to identify the perpetrators of the criminal conduct so that the client company can file a complaint with the competent authorities and claim compensation for damages in court.

This type of investigation will be conducted following precise guidelines aimed at identifying the channels and specific points where the marketing and distribution of counterfeit products takes place, with particular regard to identifying any links of natural and/or legal parties with the ordering company.


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