Due diligence

Exercise of reasonable care

Nowadays, the risks and threats of dealing with wrong and improper people is always just around the corner, be it for personal or business reasons.

In the work sphere, think of a supplier, a business partner, an associate, an employee or a customer who has placed a large order and it is feared that he does not have the financial capacity to fulfil his obligation.

In addition to what has just been said, consider what happens in everyday life: ghost or unauthorised travel agencies and tour operators, construction companies that do not comply with the law, self-styled professionals who are not registered with the relevant professional registers or who have been struck off the register but continue to practise their profession as if nothing had happened, etc.

It therefore becomes necessary, and sometimes even indispensable, to obtain information on the various actors with whom you come into contact.

In a particular way, due diligence falls squarely within the concept of intelligence precisely because, when due diligence is performed (e.g. by requesting a report that sheds light on someone or something), a conscious and correct assessment of the risks can then be made in order to take the necessary decisions.

Such reports can be requested from Confidential to investigate the reputational aspect of an individual and/or a company, its reliability, its solvency, its patrimonial and economic-financial capacity, or all these factors together.


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