Child custody and control

Parental authority over minors

Parents exercise parental authority over their minor children until the latter come of age. Until that time, both parents are considered guardians of their children, and a series of reciprocal rights and duties towards the said minor children arise for both of them.

In this context, Confidential may be commissioned by parents to deal with sensitive family cases such as the control and custody of children.

With regard to the control of minors, these are cases where parents are concerned about the habits and frequentations of their minor children (alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, nights away from home without prior notice, etc.).

Investigations carried out on minors are fully covered by the concept of child protection as a longa manus of parental powers. In other words, the detective will exercise tangible powers over minor children as an extension of the powers originally vested in parents, within the terms of the law. Our detective will gather all possible evidence and information about the child's habits, so as to give an accurate picture to the parents, who will be able to face the situation afterwards with the real knowledge of how things really are.

In the event that socially deviant behaviour on the part of the child is ascertained, the subsequent involvement of another professional figure specialised in the correct psycho-physical development of the child will be recommended.

As far as custody cases are concerned, a judge may order the exclusive custody of a child to one parent only in restrictive assumptions marked by the considerable seriousness of the conduct perpetrated by one of the two parents (alcohol and drug abuse, violence and aggression towards children and the other parent, damage, harassment, etc.). In such cases, the investigating agency will be delegated the task of ascertaining situations proving parental unfitness, in order to subsequently apply to the judge, also by means of legal action supported by the evidence gathered by him/her, for sole custody of the minor children.


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