Confidential is a detective agency based in the Swiss canton of Ticino that operates internationally,
specialising in investigations and intelligence.

Confidential was born thanks to the union of professionals in the sector, united by the same passion. The partners have worked for many years with several Swiss and Italian investigative institutes, gaining their complete trust. These professional experiences have enabled them to build up and consolidate a wealth of knowledge and skills, making them available to their clients. Meticulous attention and attention to detail have enabled a solid relationship to be established with them, based on the utmost trust, within a dynamic and young reality.

The different backgrounds, deriving from the military and investigative worlds, favour an eclectic vision, based on the same values of respect and dedication to work.

The investigations that Confidential carries out are aimed at insurance companies, companies, law firms, and private individuals. These investigative services enable the acquisition of irrefutable evidence that can be used in court thanks to our detailed report.

Confidential always operates with the utmost transparency and in a deontologically correct manner: confidentiality is the basis of our activity, the professional secrecy constraint in the management of information and its non-disclosure is absolutely rigorous

Contact us and you will receive a free initial consultation, which will be tailored to your specific needs.

Close Protection

Confidential's specialized staff guarantees security and close protection services for highly renowned people who need a veiled and discreet protection service.

The goal of the protection service is to provide complete protection to the person, by planning a precise and least invasive program that fully respects the privacy and private life of the customer.

Close Protection services are expressed in three types, which separately embrace multiple areas of private life:

Executive Protection

Executive protection (EP) known as strict protection, refers to the security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of the client who may be exposed to a high personal risk due to their employment, high profile status, net worth, affiliation, or geographic location.

Residential Security

Property protection protects the customer and their property from invasion of privacy and other crimes and threats. Our services include:

· 24-hour monitoring and surveillance
· Key holding service
· Quick response service
· Permanent patrol security team
· Discreet or obvious security levels
· CCTV monitoring

Travel Security Management

Travel abroad can expose staff to dangers that are sometimes underestimated. Our professionals can give full support to corporate travel planning. Thanks to threat monitoring and logistical support in case of travel, workers will be able to travel safely, avoiding dangerous situations and critical areas.


You can contact us for any information through the online procedure available in this section of the site.

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