Pre-marital and marital infidelity

Relationships prior to and during wedlock

Investigations related to the private sphere are aimed at asserting a right in court in all cases that have a bearing on the family sphere and are often aimed at unveiling infidelity by a future spouse or partner.

For the investigation of pre-marital infidelity, although the bond has not yet been established, there may still be an interest on the part of one of the partners to obtain proof of the other's fidelity, provided, however, that said relationship between the two is stable (with or without cohabitation) and oriented towards a future marriage union. The aim of the premarital investigation is to verify and prove the trustworthiness of the future spouse before officially getting married.

In the case of marital infidelity investigations, the aim is to ascertain the alleged breach of marital fidelity obligations. The legal system, in fact, among the reciprocal rights and duties incumbent on spouses, envisages the right to fidelity in addition to providing assistance towards each other.

The documentation provided by Confidential, proving that infidelity has occurred, will be supported by photos and video recordings, in addition to a report describing how the facts took place. The aforementioned report and annexes proving the infidelity will be admissible in court to obtain compensation for damages.


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