Computer, network and device forensics

Monitoring and analysis of information

These computer and digital investigations are performed by specialised technicians acting as consultants and expert witnesses, who can be of assistance to both the prosecution and the defence.

The technicians provided by our investigation agency Confidential, deal with matters of which specific knowledge is essential. Our team can be called upon to intervene in the following cases:

  • Recovery of deleted data from a PC or device and/or recovery of text messages or other data and information allegedly deleted (such recovery can also be performed on messaging applications);

  • True copies conforming to the original: digital forensic copies conforming to the original can be submitted in court. For example, those files contained on storage media (such as hard disks, pen drives, etc.) that can be duplicated and copied true to the original and then submitted in court to support your claims and rights;

  • Check whether photographs, videos, recordings, digital audio and any other documents have been altered, deleted or copied;

  • Verify a user's access to a personal computer or computer system during a given time slot and activities, if any (e.g. if and when he or she opened a document, a folder or a specific file, visited a website, sent e-mails with or without attachments, etc.);

  • Ensure that the activities and technical operations performed by the Judicial Police are executed correctly and in compliance with the Code of Criminal Procedure and other laws

The purpose of these activities is to identify evidence that can be shown in a possible trial.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned evidence provided by the Confidential Agency constitutes, nowadays, indispensable evidence that, due to its importance, cannot fail to enter and form part of any trial.


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